Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We just came home from a great pseudo vacation. My brother got married this weekend, so we went to the beach for the wedding. This particular beach happens to be where my parents and best friend live. So, naturally, we took Mojo up on her offer & stayed with her & her son, Monkey Boy.

She took having six house guests in stride. I watched in horror as my three younger children proceeded to make a HUGE mess of her tidy house. In character of the perfect southern woman, she made us all feel very welcome, and occasionally followed my children's trail with the dust buster. K-Man, of course, disappeared for the entire weekend with Monkey Boy. I actually missed him by Sunday.

When we arrived at her house Thursday night, I was beside myself excited. We stayed up late talking & it reminded me of the slumber parties of my youth. We giggled and gossipped until about 3:00 in the morning. K-Man & Monkey Boy sent notes attached to stuffed animals down the stairs to us. They, of course, were up at the crack of dawn.

We spent the weekend visiting my parents, attending wedding functions, and just hanging out with our hostess. Pete and I took some beach walks and checked out an antique show. Mojo and I hit Starbucks and the beach one day, and spent quite a while reading funny cards in the Hallmark store another day. All in all, we had a fabulous time.

It is always hard to leave that island. While Atlanta is my home, I have family and friends down south. My consolation is that we're going back next week for Fourth of July. Until then, I'll try to remember the sound of the waves breaking over the sandbar...

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Peach Pod said...

I really liked this post and not just because it talks about me!