Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Fired With A Chaser Of SWAT

As millions of people arrived at their offices yesterday, drama was unfolding here in A-Town. A friend of Pete's called him to tell him not to come in to work because there had been a bomb threat just moments prior. Being the curious cat that he is, he immediately proceeded to call everyone he knew to get the full scoop. Apparently, a contractor had been fired late Friday afternoon. So, bright & early Monday morning another employee goes to clear his desk & pack his things. Lo & behold! She finds a grenade on his desk. She freaks. They clear the building & call the bomb squad. Learning that this was the story, Pete commented to me that he thought it must have been a fake, since this guy had more toys on his desk than our boys have in their playroom. The bomb squad did indeed check the building and pronounce said grenade to be a harmless toy.

So at this point, this poor guy has lost his job, spent all weekend moping about only to wake up to his door being beaten down by the SWAT team. As people are milling around in the parking lot at Pete's office, this guy is face down in the middle of his street with automatic guns in his face, and news crews trying to break a dramatic morning story. Man, you gotta hate Mondays.


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