Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Finally a Father

My husband has been "Daddy" in our home since the day he moved in. I have two children from my previous marriages. The boys warmed up to him immediately. You know what they say about kids & dogs... From day one, he has read their bedtime stories, tucked them in at night, hauled the telescope up the hill or down the driveway to point out planets, stars, and the occasional eclipse. He goes to baseball practices, withstands hours of Mousetrap, kisses boo-boos, checks homework... and that is just for the two sons he married into.

Having two ex-husbands can lead to a mountain of drama. Fortunately for us, the first one had the decency to drop off the face of the Earth. We have not seen or heard from him in nine years (my son is 10). So after years, literally, of paperwork and legal fees Pete has become a father again.

I am thrilled to announce to the world that Pete has adopted our K-Man. The first thing the judge noticed, after announcing her decision to finalize this adoption, was the monstrously huge grin that came across my son's face. As we walked out of the courthouse yesterday, each had an arm around the other and they talked about cars and stars and video games, the real father-son bonding stuff.


Peach Pod said...

Great post!

Peach Pod said...

I linked to your blog in one of my posts. There's an old photo of the three of you from the 4th of July, 2004.

Sex Kitten said...

Thanks! We are all still on cloud nine.